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About Activ8

Saving you time, money & grey hairs

What you think you’re saving today, often ends up costing you tomorrow.


We can offer you great prices, but we also understand that peace of mind and after sales communication is just as important.

We know from experience that importing from China isn’t as straightforward as sending an email, paying your money and getting your goods! But our hard-won experience and investment in personnel in our office in China means we can save you from those headaches.

Sourcing directly from China means waiting five days for a deposit TT to clear, relying on a new supplier to undertake quality checks, paying the full amount upfront, and the risk of delays and problems all occurring on the other side of the world. 

Thanks to our logistics, we have money in the Far East constantly and are able to get started on your manufacturing or sourcing project immediately.


In fact, your items can be delivered within five days of ordering.

The goods won’t be sent unless they pass our quality checks, and we’ll notify you when they’re on route so you can start preparing to sell.


Lower prices, premium logisitcs


With our sister company CPDS based in China, we are able to deliver a vast number of products, many of which we don’t import ourselves. In many respects, China is our warehouse, and that can be a huge benefit to our customers.

We have shipments coming in every day from China and can get product delivered to you usually within five working days from request. There are minimum order quantities, but given our logistics they are far fewer than if you were ordering from China direct. Our office is headed up by Westerners who speak Mandarin, which we believe to be crucial for quality control and smooth communication. 


Shipping worldwide


If you’re looking to ship around the world to customers or for your own outlets, we can send the goods directly from our Asian warehouses rather than via the UK, saving you both time and money. There are great tax and cost benefits to be had in taking this route, and we can offer sound advice on the logistics available to you.



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